Traffic issues through our village

Further night closures of the M6/M1

The Parish Council has been told that there will be more major overnight roadwork on the M6.   We don’t know the exact dates yet but they are likely to run from early September until end of November.   The M6 will beclosed overnight between Junction 1 – the Rugby turnoff and the Junction 19 on the M1.


The diversion route means vehicles who want to go south to the M1 – will have to leave at J1 and go north via Lutterworth and rejoin the M1 at J20.  Drivers who want to go North on the M6, will in theory follow a similar diversion via Lutterworth.


But experience has shown us that at least some of the HGV drivers will try to find their own diversion routes, which may well mean coming through our village!  


If you do see these vehicles please note down their company names and the time you saw them and send it via email to – or give it to Paul Skidmore or Toby France.    We can then pass the information on to the companies who should take action and to Highways England who have also undertaken to monitor the diversion routes.


The Parish Council may also have the opportunity for some funding to slow the speed of traffic through the village and to reduce HGVs driving through the village.    Farm vehicles, and lorries that are delivering to residents or businesses in the village will not be affected.   Warwickshire County Council has been given £200,000 to help the Revel villages that are affected by traffic – both cars and HGVs – to Magna Park.    As residents, particularly those on Rugby Road and Pailton Road – we know all too well that this is an increasing problem for us.   We will try to get a share of this money spent on our village.

Our priorities are

·     to stop HGV traffic using our village as a cut through to and from Magna Park, or to other warehouse sites, when the M1 or M6is closed or congested

·     to slow down speeding motorists, many of whom are working at Magna Park.

To achieve our priorities we want

:An Environmental Weight Restriction for theB4112 (or the village) that will tell HGV drivers that they should not be usingour village as a cut through.  This is alengthy and expensive legal process and can take up to six months.

:Two small mini roundabouts – these are usuallyjust painted on the road – to make drivers think about priorities and their speed.  This is fairly low cost option and fast to implement   These would be at

o  The junction of Easenhall Road and Cathiron Lane

o  The junction of Easenhall Road and Rugby Road

·     The 50mph speed limiter sign on the road to Pailton, currently outside the Old Village Hall to be moved to after the junction with Montilo Lane.   At the moment drivers of all vehicles can see the 50mph sign while they are still on the blind bend and they start speeding up at this point. If we could achieve it, will increase the 30mph zone to the junction with Montilo Lane.  The TrafficPolice have told us that drivers regard the 50mph sign as a target to start speeding up to.

·     One bollard type chicane just before the Old Village Hall. going towards Rugby – that makes motorists slow down. Pailton have these at each entry point to their village and they are effective.

This is just our shopping list – we may not get anything but frankly anything we do get will help.


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