Defibrillator Training for Harborough Magna

The Parish Council has arranged for a training session on its new community defibrillator on Saturday 22nd February.

If you would like to attend the session please contact the clerk on

The session will be held in the Old Lion at 10.30am on Saturday 22nd February and last about 90minutes. If you would like to attend please contact the clerk - places are limited, but further sessions will be arranged later in the year. The training is designed to give you confidence to use the machine - but you don't need training to use the machine as it is automated. In an emergency first ring 999 - they will give you the code to open the box and remove the defibrillator. It is essential that you ring 999 before going to the box to get the code - and the 999 operator will also send a paramedic or ambulance to the site of the incident.


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