Public Space Protection Order to control Dog Fouling

Harborough Magna covered by Rugby's Public Space Protection Order

Following complaints to the Parish Council, Rugby Borough Council and on the village Facebook account the Parish Council can confirm that the village is now covered by the Public Space Protection Order. In short this means:

a. It is an offence under the PSP Order to walk your dog without the means to clean up after them - so not carrying a dog poop bag can earn you an on the spot fine of £100 - and up to £1000 and visit to the Magistrates Court if you do not pay up.

b. The same regulation means it is an offense to walk your dog off the lead on the footway (pavements), roads or verges in the village.

c. And of course not clearing up after your dog is also an offense under the PSP Order and will entail the same levels of fine.

Rugby Borough Council's street team will be making regular visits to look out for anyone offenders.

Rugby has also asked that anyone who wants to report offenders can download and return the attached form to them and they will investigate.


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