Grateful thanks to Elizabeth Biggs-Poyner and a search for a new councillors

Important information on our Parish Council

A grateful farewell to Elizabeth Biggs-Poyner

At the end of November, Elizabeth Biggs-Poyner will be stepping down from the Parish Council after more than 16 years during which time she had made a tremendous contribution to ourvillage.  She led the Parish Plan which,amongst other things,  highlighted the desire for a new village hall.  Elizabeth was instrumental in all the planning and fund raising to deliver the new village hall which was completed in September of this year.  We should like to thank her for all she has done.  She will be greatly missed.  


We now need a new councillor – help to make this easy for you

The new councillor will be given help to take on their role, with support from theother councillors and the clerk. Training courses via zoom are also available on subjects such planning, budgets and community projects. Councillors are also expected to help with practical issues where they can, such as liaising with Rugby on litter picks etc.   Rob Clarke joined the parishcouncil earlier this year and he explains that,  "Before joining I sat in on a couple of meetings to get an understanding of what’s involved and since then I’ve been able to contribute in practical ways – such as checking the playpark."


Initial time commitment – no more than three hours a month.

For the first six months  or so the requirement for a new councillor is to read the papers for the meeting –and ask questions if you don’t understand the background. Then attend the monthly zoom meeting which lasts about an hour.  From this start how much additional work you do is up to you but we’d welcome your thoughts on ideas to improve our village. It is a real chance to become involved.


Could you find it interesting?

           If so please speak to one of our councillors Toby France, Paul Skidmore, John Brady or Rob Clarke.  You could also email the clerk:  and she will send you an invite to join thenext meeting on 26 October at 8.15 via zoom.



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