Lockdown photograph project

A lockdown photograph project - creating a community memory of families in our village


We are assured that this lockdown will be over one day!  But maybe we, in Harborough Magna, should keep a record of it by creating a community memory of our village - for our village.

We have the opening of the new Community Rooms to look forward to.

What about combining our hopes for the future with a record of this unique time?

We would like to compile a visual record of how the village has coped with the lockdown.  This record, when compiled, would be available for everyone to see, hopefully, in the new Community Rooms.

We would like as many village households as possible to be represented in this record.

What to do - it really is simple.

1. If you would like your photograph professionally taken with your family on your doorstep, at the required social distance, Georgia Tailby who is the professional photographer helping us with our project  will come to your house and take the picture at no cost to you but you can make a donation to her fundraiser. Georgia is running a project called ‘Life at Our Doors’  to help raise money for charities to show the unity in the village during the pandemic. If you would like to get involved you can find her on the Harborough Magna Village Group Facebook Site and also at Georgia Tailby Photography on Facebook. If you would like to contact Georgia by email please use -  georgiatphotos@gmail.com

2. If you have digital photos of your family doing various activities inside the house or photographs of projects you may have been working on during this time, send them to georgiatphotos@gmail.com

Please take a few minutes to do one of the above.

Queries about this project should be sent to :

Cath Bolton at bobcathbolton@btinternet.com


Fenella France on 07510377090


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