Important Planning Matters

The Parish Council is being consulted on two new major planning applications - we need your views

Two major planning applications are now underway both of which would affect our village

The first is for a solar farm at Harborough Fields Farm, Churchover Lane, Harborough Magna - each household in the village was sent details on this by the developer. Now is your opportunity to let Rugby's Planning Department know if you think this should or should not go ahead - for full details please look at RBC's planning portal

The second application is for a Truck Stop on land adjacent to Lutterworth Road (just past the end of Montilo Lane, heading towards Magna Park). This would include parking and support facilities for 378 HGVs, a fuel station, vehicle inspection station, convenience store, coffee shop, creche ... and much more. To comment on this you can talk to one of your parish councillors or make your views known direct to RBC

Deadlines for comments on both of these application is before 20 July 2020.


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