We need another parish councillor now!

Ian Bentlett has now resigned before his move from the village - so we have a vacancy for a parish councillor now.

We are now starting what is known as a casual vacancy process. Which means that if 10 people request an election with Rugby Borough Council, and we have two or more candidates to become a councillor, we have to hold an election.

But in reality we are probably looking for one person to register their interest and that person will be co-opted on to the Council. This is a good opportunity to see if you would like to join the Council before election in May 2020. To find out more please speak to one of your councillors (Paul Skidmore, Elizabeth Bigg-Poyner, John Brady or Toby France) or email the clerk for details.

You could also  come along to our next Parish Meeting on Monday 21 October – see what goes and talk to the current councillors. The meeting will be in the Nursery Building in Main Street and starts at 7.30pm.


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